Details of “Serviceplan ‘Trojan Lion’ Recruiting”


Recruit Germany’s best creatives.


The Trojan Lion – a fake Cannes Lion, we would send shortly after the Cannes advertising festival to Jung von Matt, who’s philosophy is to “sneak ideas into the consumer like the Trojan’s did with their horse”. Once in the agencies creative department, it would log itself into the WLAN and offer the public music library name “Serviceplan likes you”. Astonished Jung von Matt creatives who listen to the songs, find occasional audio messages from Serviceplan CD’s and ECD’s that introduced themselves and their work. Plus encouraged the creative to switch agencies. Best part: since the WIFI signal was hidden in the lion, no one would have found it until the battery was empty.


I ripped out approximately 23,248.3 of my hair trying to attain the Jung von Matt WIFI password. Apparently they have no WLAN. At least, that’s what everyone told me.