Details of „VW – World Rally – Championship Racing Website“


Create a website for a motorsport that isn’t much featured in German TV for VW’s WRC engagement with the highly tuned Polo. Ideally help promote the whole sport.


  1. The car is the website – we proposed to add live-cams and stickers onto the race-car, whereas the stickers‘ would function as navigation buttons the user
    could click to switch to another part of the website – and therefore – race car, while we see the live feed of the WRC race as a bonus.
  2. Connected spectators app that allowed everyone to film and stream from their 1st person view from the racetrack. We encouraged filming by incentivising the spectators who filmed the most or best scenes.
  3. News aggregator for everything WRC, not only VW, but for everything related to the sport.
  4. Museum of Broken Parts – it featured worn out or damaged race-equipment with its backstory.


VW loved it, but sadly the technology wasn’t ready for our ideas.

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