Details of “Pirate (Political) Party – Bundestagswahl (German Elections) 2017 – The People’s Trojan Horse”


The German government legalised the total surveillance of their public in 2017. They allow the police and secret service to secretly install a computer program onto any citizen’s computer and cellphone to monitor, record and manipulate everything on those devices, the GPS data and all communication. These kind of programs are called Trojan horses and quickly the public came up with the nickname “The State’s Trojan Horse”.


We protested with “The People’s Trojan Horse”. It was a simple social media lottery/mechanic, where we encouraged everyone to upload photos of our ruling politicians in their free time and add the hashtag #Volkstrojaner” (the People’s Trojan Horse). We incentivised by giving out daily prices for the best submissions, which helped protected that users privacy.


Immediately after posting a simple image announcing our game, we received hundreds of comments, many press articles and the German Minister of Justice “Heiko Maas”, who signed off on the total surveillance, whined about our game audacity in a public keynote he held.