Details of “Shoeless ‘Evolution of Paradise’ “


Capture the feeling of happy hippies celebrating an artsy open-air party in a former industrial complex in West Amsterdam – with a fun concept.


Evolution of Paradise – the David Attenborough style nature documentary about the new species entering the peaceful paradise and enriching it with their ideas and spirit.


My photographer friend and I shot for 6 days, each 6 – 10 hours, with a Nikon DSLR, Panasonic mini camera, 2 GoPro’s and a Phantom 2 Vision Plus drone. We gathered 1078 HD files, 165 GB and apx. 11 hours of footage. After contemplating for a few weeks, we cut everything in apx. 7 days and graded it in 3.


  1. Drone ventured into the afterlife after crashing into a church 3 times (higher power?) = God dislikes drones.
  2. Mirco-SD cards may melt during data transfer = Let your footage cool off, if it’s outer worldly hot.
  3. I fell down a flight of stairs on 4th day, ripped my shoulder tendon half way through and continued filming 2 more days = 4 months physiotherapy.
  4. Uncountable insights on what is possible, what not, how much a party organizers word is worth, and how much a good friend’s.