Details of “Pro Evolution Soccer 2016 Neymar vs. Omar”


Communicate that you can choose between a few “legendary” players of the past to add as players in Konami’s newest game “Pro Evolution Soccer 2016”.


  • Shot the commercial in a living room with Neymar & Omar playing the football game. – You only have 1,5 hours.
  • You get the go 3 days beforehand to prepare the shot in a different country.
  • Plus further restrictions, e.g. not too many people interacting with the superstars of football due to safety concerns, etc.


The legends join the real footballers playing the game – with their quirks, e.g. Oliver Kahn not being a people person.


We open on a bird’s eye view of Barcelona – during the golden hour of the afternoon. We fly a drone from south of Barcelona, coming from the harbor, a few hundred meters north, towards the city centre – and fast-forward this in a short 2-3 second establishing intro flight.

Since the sun sets in the west, we’ll achieve an amazing golden-bronze look and hundreds of playful reflections of light from the water, glass buildings and metal structures.

This way we set the mood and enjoy Barcelonas fascinating skyline in the best lighting possible. Emphasizing its mix of historical landmarks, as the Sagrada Familia, and modern architectural masterpieces, e.g. the oval and neon-lit facade of the Torre Agbar and its surrounding skyscrapers.

We hear the ambiance, cheers and animal sounds, only a energetic and worldly city can provide – plus the roars of thousands of soccer fans cheering frantically from far away.

As the camera flies, it lowers its flight height and approaches a sleek and elegantly designed apartment house. The closer it gets, the louder the fan cheering.

Arriving at the apartments’ balcony, from the outside, we recognize two people who look like curly haired twins from behind. They are sitting on a couch and playing soccer on a flatscreen. Cut.

Camera now inside the apartment, facing Neymar and Omar, while we use the huge tinted window, the drone approached from the outside, as background – a backdrop where the skyline mildly shines through, but doesn’t take the focus from the players and their actions.

The boys are sitting on a white vintage leather couch to make them stand out of the setting. This couch frames them, puts a visual emphasize on our soccer heroes and their actions during the film, and separates them visually from their exquisit interior.

Both are dressed in hip and street-style fashion, as they would, when visiting a friend. So, we should be aiming for cool and fashionable, but not too posh as if on a date. I’m thinking of jeans with fancy detailing, shirts that are comfortable, but also trendy enough to go clubbing in, or meet in a cafe with friends, etc. Cool necklaces are also an option, e.g. a metal sports emblem or miniature figure of a football player doing a trick.

The apartment reflects the style of two young, sporty, fashionable, and slightly better-off bachelors. We should enrich the apartment with a few details to make it look believable and desirable, but not too over the top, so the target group can relate to living in such a place sometime in their life. Some honest and down-to-earth materials like wood mixed with metal and glass would work nicely.

You could imagine Neymar and Omar living in this shared flat together, surrounded by a good 5.1 sound-system, vintage furniture, a retro single-speed bike (e.g. brand)

“Schindlhauer” plus its wall mount rack for bikes), a chest of drawers made out of old silver airplane metal, resting their feets on a big, fluffy carpet, etc.

We position the camera below the flatscreen and let Neymar and Omar play PES for real – to get authentic reactions and behaviors from both, e.g.: bitting the lips, swaying left and right with the controller, frowning their forehead, etc.

After a few minutes of free play, we’d give them some acting ideas, propose gestures to try and suggest how to mimic.

The lower camera angle makes our players look larger than life. Almost as if two young epic heroes were battling it out and the audience is looking up to them.

We break this serious feel with our first fun element: Neymar is looking like Omar. We use a simple whig and a few quick make-up tricks, e.g. matching his skin color to Omar’s, similar clothes, etc.

Even though Neymar’s fully concentrated, he occasionally plays with his new hair, twirling the curls between the finger, maybe accidentally displacing the whig a bit, etc. We will use the time to try a few fun things and play with the fact he’s wearing a costume. Goal being maximum fun. Cut.

Camera on Omar. He looks over to Neymar’s side and we experience his reactions: rolling his eyes, shaking his head, raising eyebrows, frowning, maybe gesturing, etc. All on the fun side of it. He’s not mad, it’s just one of this moments, when a good friend does something silly (Neymar) and the other friend (Omar) doesn’t know what to say and is happily confused.

Camera pans to Neymar. He enjoys playing as Omar. His whig is even more displaced and partially tilted. The curly hair could slightly obstruct his view, so he constantly blows a streak aside. Then he hears Omar starting to sing the Italian soccer chant – Campioni del Mondo: „Ci sono cose che nessuno ti dirà…“

Neymar looks surprised to Omar. Camera follows. Omar’s now dressed and looking like Roberto Baggio. He wears a whig with long hair and a fake, but funny mustache. His shirt is now also buttoned-down, like Italians often do it, and we see his furry chest hair, which is of course a whig/prop, we attached.

He also gestures and comments on the football game like an Italian. Very expressively and funny. After a failed pass or goal shot, he raises his arms in the air and shouts in disbelieve: “Mamma Mia!”

Camera back to Neymar. He now looks like his Brazilian football colleague Roberto Carlos who was bald. We use a simple boldness cap and a bit of makeup. The aim is not to recreate a Hollywood like illusion, but a split-second surprise for the audience: Did Neymar really shave his head? Oh…of course not, but that looks funny!

Neymar plays very concentrated. We cut to the PES game on the flatscreen and see his player dribbling into the penalty area to score a goal. Cut.

Camera back to Omar who looks like Oliver Kahn. Maybe we use a bit of skin lighter to make him look more German. Definitely, we give him a blond whig with Oliver Kahn’s haircut that during the 1990s resembled a mullet.

If we really want to go all out on the fun, we could dress Omar in Lederhosen and diamond shaped red-white shirt, which is the traditional outfit in Bavaria, where Oliver Kahn played most of his life.

He tries to use the controllers, but has problems defending the goal, because he’s also wearing goalkeeper’s gloves and can’t use the game controller properly.

Because Oliver Kahn was very energetic and enthusiastic, it would make sense, if Omar would show some small emotional outbursts during his struggle with the controller.

It would be really funny, if he’d try to say some – non-offensive – German phrases or even original Oliver Kahn quotes from his days, e.g.:

“Ich bade in Adrenalin!” (I’m bathing in adrenaline!)

“Das Runde darf nicht ins Eckige!” (The round one mustn’t go into the rectangular!)

“Nein! Das darf doch nicht wahr sein!” (No! That can’t be true!)

We cut to the PES on the flatscreen, where Neymar’s player scores a goal. Cut.

Back to Neymar. He’s now looking normal again and cheers. Making a winner’s fist and smiling like he won a huge victory. Maybe even teasing Omar a bit, e.g. poking him.

Back to Omar. Still looking like Oliver Kahn. He stand’s up, screams and kicks the controller through the living room window, like a goalkeeper the football at kickoff from the penalty line. Realised how crazy that was, he looks at Neymar and both laugh. Fade to black.

We see the red Konami logo on the top-right corner appearing. Then a centered chart: myClub. Choose your legend wisely.

Fade to black. Then animated PES logo & claim appear:

Konami. The pitch is ours.