Details of „Hong Kong Jockey Club – Complete Rebranding“


Betting is one of the biggest past-times in Hong Kong, surpassing lottery and other games by far, but its demographic is growing increasingly old and its appeal is now lost to young adults. Therefore, we were asked to create a 2nd website, which would run parallel to the decade-old site, not to alienate the older users. It had multiple goals: make horse-racing appealing, explain the rules, utilise modern Social Media features, etc.


Jclub – the multipurpose teen platform with:

  • the web series JCLUB FOUNDATION, where 3 former racehorses turn into scientists and experiment how to make horse-racing even better, always resulting in a fun disaster with the conclusion being: „It’s perfect the way it is.“
  • a social-media powered online horse-racing game, where users would fight for superiority by racing each-other on Hong Kong’s streets, while connected friends could support the riders with social power-ups, etc.
  • our online tutorial HORSEPEDIA with videos and a visually enhanced rule book that teaches everything there is to know about horse-racing and betting
  • the mobile app HOARSE RACING, which enabled you to challenge friends to a remote race – the louder you cheer, the faster your horse runs
  • and many more features, e.g. leaderboard, shop, jersey designer, etc.


After 3 months of development and a week before we wanted to start programming, the client showed the layouts to his wife. She insisted our horse scientists looked like the Chinese horse demons who deliver mankind to the underworld / hell. Even our staff and executives who were 90% Chinese didn’t see the analogy, but that’s how this great concept died within a blink.

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