Details of „BBDO Germany – Rebranding & Rejuvenating – Employee Handbook“


BBDO Germany was doing financially fine, but had no creative relevance and was one of those agencies relying on its old merits, until a new CEO and CCO were hired to change all of that and rejuvenate the German branch. So, I was tasked to write an internal handbook that every new employee got handed out on his/her 1st day.


Challenging today – was the tagline of my 55-page booklet, which featured some uplifting copy, best of BBDO’s creative highlights, introducing you to all our essentials, e.g. IT hotline, etc.


BBDO went from 0 Cannes Lions in 3 decades to winning multiple trophies every year – after empowering their best employees, attracting more top creatives and creating an atmosphere that valued cooperation and creativity.

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