Details of “ARRI Media Services – New Business material”


ARRI is one of the oldest and most respected professional filmmaking brands. It’s mostly known for premium cameras and other equipment necessary for Hollywoodlevel cinematography. What most people even in the industry aren’t aware of: ARRI offers a wide array of additional services in it’s sub-division “Media Services”, e.g. from initial consulting, over renting of equipment, to post-production and many singular and highly specialised services as digitalisation of any analog film format that ever existed.


Let the product speak for itself. We created a 48-page B2B folder featuring an array of films they were involved in heavily. Each film featured a copy emphasising its difficulties or special requirements. Plus some additional original quotes from their crew leaders, e.g. director, producer, DoP, main actors, etc.


48 pages of unique in-depth insights about real-life projects, problems and solutions by ARRI – in a modern, simple and easily digestible tonality.